Join Us!

Dear Keepers!

Here we are, ready to start another football season and we are more than happy to inform you that our New RG Collection is more complete than ever before! We have new materials, new technology, new cuts and with all the hard work we have put in this collection, have given us a great final result for this amazing Range 2023-24. It gives us great pleasure to see your amazing saves from all over the world with our RG Gloves. We can’t wait until you have this new collection in your hands!

Be the best version of yourselves, always try to improve and learn, and success will always follow!


We started this company having a dream to reach as many keepers as possible in the world, and offer them the best possible quality of gloves at the best possible price. Keeper’s gloves is our passion and as a company we stand behind every glove and every design we make. We know what goalkeepers want. As a professional keeper myself, I was always looking for the product that would make me feel comfortable and confident and thus, it has always been our goal to design gloves that would offer this to every keeper. Finding the perfect glove has always been a struggle during my career, therefore I have committed now through my company to make designs that will feel perfect for each and every one. From grass roots to the international scene we want to show the whole world how good we believe, feel and know RG is and what greatness in can achieve for its players.

Ramiro Gonzalez
RG Goalkeeper Gloves CEO