Snaga Black

RG is finally presenting the new version of RG Snaga Black! A revolutionary new design that elevates this classic best seller model into a new dimension.
Snaga Black is now a seamless model, with the Neo Flex Body and the Wrist Fit System, which are 2 new characteristics developed for and by RG and our goalies.
Snaga Black is a Roll – Hybrid cut model with Ergonomic Bio fit, in addition with the new Octopus Memory foam palm make this model a perfect match for all weather conditions
This amazing model also boasts the newly designed Elastic Loop strap removable:Engineered with unique way to adjust goalie needs a new wrist secure system.

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Designed with unique method Embossed latex backhand added on 3D Punch Zone objects on top of latex. Developed and crafted with its unique identity keeping the classic latex touch along with modern gel on punching zone. High density offers comfortable punching at all stages. Neo Flex body with high elastic and light weight method helps performance throughout the game.


New Roll Hybrid with increase latex ratio on fingers is now available with Ergonomic Bio Fit method.


OCTOPUS Memory Foam latex, is The new development in latex palms, especially designed for improved performance. RG comes with the ability to use the new material OCTOPUS, a balanced palm designed for every condition. A perfect match for most of the weather conditions, the new Octopus latex helps goalie to adopt & control the ball at their own due to its high volume of natural latex . The Memory foam bubbles or ‘cells’ are open, effectively creating a matrix through which air can move. Higher-density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in a few minutes. Newer foams may recover their original shape more quickly. At the time of impact on the palm with absorbing the high-speed impact with minimizing shock.


Unique shape stitched elastic at entrance point helps adopting modern concept to play without strap. Its bonding towards wrist is modern and strong in all conditions, even in most high-pressure playing conditions, the glove itself keeps position on the wrist due to its engineered stitching method.  New Elastic Loop strap removable - Engineered with unique way to adjust a wrist secure system. It has the ability to adjust the wrist with this elastic loop at its most powerful method which not just secure the wrist but also boost confidence level due to its ergonomic engineering method.


Dry Conditions

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Wet Conditions

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